Free your mind

Earlier today I was listening to a message by Joel Osteen titled “Power of Your Vision.” He said something that caught my attention, he said, “when our vision is negative, our mind tends to go in the same direction…your life is going to follow your vision. If you have a small vision, you’re going to have a small/mediocre life. There is power in our vision.

I remember a time when I had no goals…no vision. I really took to heart the saying, “live one day at a time. Sure, that’s a good advice for a world that’s driven by stress and anticipation of what tomorrow holds.

I was afraid to dream because: 1) I didn’t see a future for myself and 2) nobody believed in me. I became the architect of my own failures. I talked myself out of every opportunity or chance to do something extraordinary. Nobody believed in me, so in turn, I didn’t believe in myself.

All these years I was living a paralyzed life – paralyzed by fear of dreaming and fear of even trying. I convinced myself that nobody would care if I amounted to nothing in life. But I was wrong… I would care. I was so accustomed to keeping everything piled up on the inside. I was constantly overwhelmed by negative emotions.

So, one day I woke up and I told myself, “your pity party is over. It’s time to snap out of it.” I decided from that day henceforth that I was done feeling sorry for myself and feeling like a loser. Sure I was dealt a dirty card during my entire childhood, but I wasn’t about to allow my past define my future.

I decided I was going to try new things and it’s okay if I failed at some of them. I took to my journal somethings I wanted to accomplish before the year was over. I began to dream of better future and I saw myself walking with my head held high – I was free. My mind no longer had control of me, but instead, I was in control of my mind.

I will forever choose to free my mind.

Allow yourself to dream. Allow yourself to see…far beyond the horizon


Uzo Ekwuribe



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