As a counseling student, I receive a reminder every semester via textbooks and professors about engaging in self-care activities. And that makes sense because you want to have your crazies together before handling other people’s crazy. This year I really let myself go in that self-care department.

Self-care means something different for everyone. Self-care to me is when I am able to relax with a good book (note I didn’t say textbook), drink tea, and work out…I love running. It is just a time I spend with myself and I get to tune the world out.

Between grad school and working full-time, I always felt like I didn’t have enough time in the day. Working out became a waste of time for me. Every time I thought of the one hour I would spend working out at the gym, I thought of all the assignment or reading I could get done within that time period.

And the repercussion for neglecting self-care activities is the constant emotional meltdowns I would have over unnecessary things. I also gained almost 20 lbs! Yes, I really let myself go.

So my primary goal for next year is to engage in more self-care activities. I need to care for my body and also respect my body by watching the things I put in it.

What are some other self-care ideas you might suggest?