Make time for what matters.

My home has become merely a resting place – a place I go to at the end of the day to rest my head. Maybe that is all there is to a home? maybe not. I truly believe that a home is what you make it to be. I spend most my days at my job and the coffee shop. Having a full time job and going to school full time has granted me the luxury to do such things (hint the sarcasm). I am eternally grateful to have a job that I love and also have the opportunity to pursue a master’s degree. These things along with spending so much time at the coffee shop has made me come to the realization that the old adage “we make time for what we love…” rings so much truth in my life.

When you go to the same place over and over again, you begin to notice some patterns, behavior, and people. Everyday I sit in the corner of my local coffee shop and I watch the baristas as they converse among themselves. There are two individuals that catches my eye (you guessed it), a young man and a young lady. Based on their body language and sneaky glances towards each other, it is very easy to realize they are more than coworkers. My “hypothesis” was proven when she came to the coffee shop (on her off day, I presume) to share a meal with the young man who was working that day.


Despite the fact that I spend so much time at the coffee shop,I never cease to leave an hour before the shop closes (10 PM) so that I can make it home in time to say hello/goodbye to my mother who works nights; sit with my father and listen to him talk about his day; listen to my little sister’s endless stories about tough high school life; and spend some time talking to my fiance.

In case you don’t get the gist yet, the point I’m trying to make is that:

you will make time for who/what you love!

The girl at the coffee could’ve easily stayed home or done other things on her off day, but instead, she chose to come spend it with the one she loves. I could easily (in the name of schooling) allow my job and school to occupy all of my time and energy, but instead I choose to make time for the things that matter most to me.I would not trade my family for anything in the world and I know that everyday is a daily reminder of how much they matter to me.

Love like tomorrow is not promised.