Being sick all through last weekend and half of last week really gave me some time to think about a lot of things and put things in perspective. One of the things that came up was how cluttered my life has become over the past few months. I realized quickly that it was very difficult for me to function in clutter, so I started spending more and more time at the coffee shop because there I didn’t have to look at my reading table filled with books and papers. I also didn’t have to think about my clothes spilling with clothes.

While I was sick I thought of how much better my life would be if I didn’t have so much stuff! I mean, I had books and papers from high school boxed up somewhere in my closet; I had more clothes than I needed – both the ones that do not fit and ones that does. It was time to let them go.

The first thing I thought of letting go was my my novels. Once upon a time (before graduate school) I used to read novels religiously. Reading and journaling was my outlet for a lot of things. Anyway, I gathered up my novels and I put out an announcement on social media that my books were up for grabs (no buying necessary….completely FREE) and the amount of responses I received was overwhelming. At first I was happy to see that there are people out there who still read books! but then I was sad because this meant that I actually have to get rid of my books. The thought of this made me more emotional than I’d care to admit.

This weekend I spent cleaning out my closet and throwing away clothes that served zero purpose. I also ended up with three full large trash bags of clothes going out for donations. My next project involves getting rid of furniture and other little unnecessary things.

Clutter creates chaos and where there is chaos there is no peace of mind.

My life is clutter free. My mind is clutter free. My mind is at peace.




As a counseling student, I receive a reminder every semester via textbooks and professors about engaging in self-care activities. And that makes sense because you want to have your crazies together before handling other people’s crazy. This year I really let myself go in that self-care department.

Self-care means something different for everyone. Self-care to me is when I am able to relax with a good book (note I didn’t say textbook), drink tea, and work out…I love running. It is just a time I spend with myself and I get to tune the world out.

Between grad school and working full-time, I always felt like I didn’t have enough time in the day. Working out became a waste of time for me. Every time I thought of the one hour I would spend working out at the gym, I thought of all the assignment or reading I could get done within that time period.

And the repercussion for neglecting self-care activities is the constant emotional meltdowns I would have over unnecessary things. I also gained almost 20 lbs! Yes, I really let myself go.

So my primary goal for next year is to engage in more self-care activities. I need to care for my body and also respect my body by watching the things I put in it.

What are some other self-care ideas you might suggest?